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Workshop equipment 1952 Products

1 - 12 of 1952 items
1 - 12 of 1952 items

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Volume (ml)
Width (mm)
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Length (mm)
more... less
Height (mm)
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Thickness (mm)
Filtering (μ)
Measuing range (µm)
Type of finish
Resolution (µm)
Compressed air connection thread
Material connection
Spray gun connection thread
Pressure regulation range (bar)
Pressure measurement accuracy (bar)
Power consumption (mA)
Maximum number of measures
Net Weight (g)
Nozzle size (mm)
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Spray Fan Pattern
Spray gun model
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Spraying Technology
Spray gun type
Air consumption (Nl/min)
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Cup Capacity (ml)
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Container Capacity (l)
Swivel Joint
Weight with cup (g)
Diameter (mm)
Innerdiameter (mm)
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Power (W)
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Voltage (V)
Efficiency (Nl/min)
Sound level (dB)
Device width (cm)
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Device depth (cm)
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Device height (cm)
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Width adjustable (cm)
Height adjustable (cm)
Quantity per package (pcs.)
Orbit (mm)
Backing pad (mm)
Rotational speed (RPM)
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Dust Extraction
Working pressure (bar)
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Spindle thread
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Temperature (°C)
Battery type
Number of batteries
Battery capacity (Ah)
Vacuum (mm/H2O)
Power socket max. (W)
Flow capacity (m3/h)
Filter surface (m2)
Dust Extraction Class
Electric tools socket
Air quick couplings tools socket
Compressed air capacity max. (Nl/min)
Automatic filter cleaning
Liquids sensor
Hose length (m)
Cleaning time (s)
Cleaning agent consumption (ml) / for one cleaning
Cleaning agent
Integrated drying
Angle adjustment (°)
Light power (lm)
Pressure admissible (bar)
more... less
Weight with packaging (kg)
more... less
Maximum flow (l/min)
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Load capacity (kg)
Hose Connection diameter (mm)
Clamping range (diameter) (mm)
Hose Innerdiameter (mm)
Hose Outerdiameter (mm)
Equipped ?
Quick coupling type
Applicable model
Automatic drain
Filter lifetime (month)
Scale (ml)
Mixing ratio
Number of pistons
Compression steps
Pressure measuring range (bar)
Insert type
Speed control
Power supply type
Side handle
Overload protection
∅Collet (mm)
Wheel spindle stop

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