The causes of paint runs are mainly:

  • inadequate spray pressure
  • too thick layer of material
  • poor paint spreading:
    • use of inappropriate thinner/hardener
    • incorrect viscosity of the applied material
  • improper gun nozzle
  • too low temperature in the room (too low temperature of paint and substrate)

In order to prevent the appearance of paint runs you should:

  • make sure that the substrate to be painted is at the right temperature (room temperature)
  • use dedicated thinner/hardener for the material to be applied and observe their mixing proportions
  • follow the recommendations for the method of application included in the material's technical sheet

Removal of this defect provokes sanding and polishing of the surface or sanding and repainting of the element. In the case of small runs, you can use a spot repair scrapper to remove the runs and then polish the surface.